The Thrill of Treasure Hunting!

Process Of Closing Gold Mine Is Surprisingly Beautiful

Mine site closure and reclamation, the most important part of the mining process portrays our ability as miners to return the land to its original state after production. In this video I close one mine and arrive at the next ready to go (Trout Creek Mine)

Deer Escaping Predator While We Prospect New Claim

While gold panning we captured footage of a frightened deer running from an unknown predator. It was so focused on making tracks it didn't even notice us.

Solo Gold Mining Operation | Total Season Results

After my step father passed away just two days before we got our permit to mine I vowed to keep going and finish the dream we shared, to live life with no regrets and go for the gold. Here we go!

Finding Unique And Beautiful Gold Nuggets!!

Sniping in rivers is amazing! No machinery, No equipment, No shovel, not even a gold pan.

Mining Bedrock Gold From Ancient River Channel

This Is Gold Rich Pay Gravel On Bedrock, I'm Checking The Crevices for Nuggets

$1,000,000 Gold Deposit Found Over The Weekend

If you want to start a gold mine but don't have permits or the equipment to drill and test the ground for commercially mineable gold, this is how to get the results you need. In this video I show exactly how I prove gold bearing ground at no cost.

The Most Gold I've Found In One Hole

I'm Andy, I Operate One Of The Smallest Gold Mines Around. We Find Incredible Gold And Our Operating Costs Are Less Than $30.00 A Day. Today I'm Asking You, Should I Get Bigger Equipment And Start Getting Crazy Gold?

Mining Gold With My Hands

Humans Have Mined Gold By Hand And With The Most Basic Tools For Thousands Of Years, Today I Answer The Question, Can It Still Be Done? Can I Earn My Living Finding Gold With My Bare Hands?

Gold Is Everywhere, See!!

Gold Is Everywhere, We Show How Easy It Is To Find. Combining Two Of My Favorite Things, Gold And Motorcycles, With Gareth From Moto Mining

I Found Huge Deposits Of Gold Nuggets

In this video I have two record breaking days sniping for gold in the creek, we're preparing for a placer mine operation on a new permitted area where the tests are very impressive and a huge nugget was found, we also touch base on everything we'll be up to in the future.

Found Gold Nuggets First Time Diving A River

In this video I go diving for gold for the first time ever in the most incredible bedrock canyon, I'm so lucky to get lessons from the worlds best river gold sniper @PioneerPauly And we sure found some very nice gold.

I Was Standing On $2,000.00 In GOLD!

In this video I recover the gold that was under my feet when I found the biggest gold nugget I've ever found. It's Treasure hunting and I'm still smiling ear to ear.

My BIGGEST Gold Nugget Was Under This Boulder!!

I went out today to mine some nugget gold using my wash plant and I found a big gold nugget under a boulder! When I move boulders I normally find gold nuggets but this one was my biggest gold nugget yet!

Snow Excuses

Hey everybody, the major rains we're having are swamping us out and holding up new videos, please bare with me. In the mean time, a short video of winter mining 2019

Getting ready for a big sluice day

Ripping deep into bedrock and stock piling pay gravels.

Testing Our Plant

Our 2012 gold project, we built this while waiting for the permits to help pass the time, it never would have worked without a shaker or something to move the rocks through, it was dismantled and re-purposed, no regrets it what we needed to stay positive and bide our time for permits, we dubbed it BIG BANKER!Text

Andy's Reclamation

Reclamation of a small placer pit in BC, the most important part of mining. This is 5 hours of work condensed to under 6 mins.Text

Sluicin Pay, featuring Bryan from Mechanical Miners

Hey everybody, in this video we get to the good stuff, this is from 2017 and I'm sorry for the terrible footage. Text

Another great season in a nut shell

This video is footage taken over 2018 and 2019 to bring everybody up to speed on the treasure hunt, I can not wait to get onto the new stuff :)

'Chunk Gold'

Some of the chunks found in my first pit.

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